About Half-Day Meets:


Great Bay Masters typically hosts three half-day meets per year. Half-day meets generally share the following characteristics:


        Usually they are 4 to 5 hours long, with about an hour Warm-Up session and 3 to 4 hours of races.

        These meets are USMS sanctioned meets. This means that every swimmer must be USMS registered. To join Great Bay Masters click here. Day-of-meet registrations are accepted.

        They are generally deck entry. This means that you come to the meet that day and before / during the Warm-up session, you enter your events by filling out the entry form and paying the entry fee.

        Half-day meets are very low-key. Novice swimmers are most welcome, and these meets offer a great opportunity to try swimming in a masters pool competition.

        Meet participants will often be asked to help with hand watch timing. If you might be willing to help with hand watch timing, and would like to learn how to do it well, click here

        Events are generally seeded from slow to fast, with both genders mixed in the heats. This helps the meet proceed quickly and generates more heats with swimmers that are approximately the same speed.

        Please choose a lane that is appropriate for your Warm-up pace, this will help everyone get a better Warm-Up. Select your warm-up lane based on your continuous swimming warm-up pace per 50 YARDS: Lane 1 60 seconds, Lane 2 50 seconds, Lane 3 40 seconds, Lane 4 35 seconds, Lane 5 45 seconds, Lane 6 55 seconds

        During Warm-up, swimmers must enter the water feet first in a cautious manner, except in designated sprint lanes. There is no diving during Warm-up, except in designated sprint lanes.

        There will be a pool space dedicated to Warm-Up / Warm-Down while the meet is in progress. There is no diving allowed in the Warm-Up / Warm-Down lanes, again swimmers must enter the water feet first in a cautious manner.