What to Bring to a Meet:


        Consider bringing something comfortable to sit on. Those sleeping bag mats used by campers are very good if you will be sitting on the deck.

        Food and drink: juice, sports drinks, bagels, fruit, etc.

        Clothing: a sweat suit, something to keep your feet warm, and T-shirts, etc.

        Your racing suits, extra goggles, a few towels (you'll be drying off a lot, towels get wet!)

        Possibly something to read if you have any big gaps between races.

        Ball-point pens! If the meet does not use seed cards, it can be a challenge to remember what heat and lane you are in for each race. Use a ball-point pen and write your heat and lane for the upcoming race right on your hand. It might seem a little silly, but I've seen many a top swimmer with heat and lane numbers written on their hands!